Cover Bands: The Cool Party’s No. 1 Must-Have

There you are making the ever-important party list. You have everything covered from the guest list, venue, food, up to the party favors you will be doling out. However, the entertainment portion is sadly blank. Of course, your taste is impeccable and you so love music from Lady Gaga, Beyonce and The Kings of Leon. But you can’t get them to ditch their tour and drop by your party! No need to pine and let your party suffer with you. You still can get great live entertainment with cover bands!

UK is so chock-full of great bands that can cover up for your favorite artists. Cover bands are this century’s savior for all of us, music lovers. Getting to see the real thing perform is surely going to be a life altering experience. However, these famous bands rarely drop by our area and if they do, tickets are sooo expensive! Cover bands give us the opportunity to enjoy their music live and at a reasonable price. What’s more, we can even hire them to rock our parties.

The list of bands that can provide great music from classical, to jazz, to rock and pop is getting longer. We have bands that can play timeless classics by the Beatles and Stevie Wonder to modern-day Indie music from the Kaiser Chiefs and the Kings of Leon. Some bands even do remixes and combine their own music style to the songs resulting to a cooler beat and vibe.

Give your guests, and yourself, the ultimate party treat, may it be for a birthday affair, wedding or corporate function. Hire a cover band that can play your choice of music the way you like it and see for yourself how they will rock your night. The next time you organize a party, you might need a venue with a bigger dance floor!

The Forgers are a popular three-piece cover band based in London, that can be hired for all types of events (including weddings) both formal and informal. You can visit their website at and listen to their studio recordings. You can contact The Forgers for reservations here.

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