Caught – Is Your Girlfriend Loyal Or a Liar? Reverse Cell Phone!

If you are planning to marry your long-term girlfriend, you might want to check up on her first and see if she is really being loyal to you. You might have seen some strange numbers on her mobile phone in the past and when you asked her about it, she just immediately dismissed your question with, “It’s no-one important”. If her response was similar to this, you might have to consider verifying if the owner or the owners of the mobile phone numbers that appeared in her inbox or her call logs are really just random people in her life. You will never know if she has had or she is currently having illicit activities that could possibly ruin your relationship in the future. It is not good to always doubt your partner’s loyalty but skepticism is something that we always have and the fact that you are having these doubts is a sign that there really must be something going on.

One way to find out the identity of the mobile phone number owner is by doing queries on major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. These searches are often efficient in providing information from the web but this time, it would only work if that person has published his or her contact information online. If that is not the case, you might have to use reverse cell phone companies that could provide information even about unlisted residential and mobile phone numbers. Doing so would mean paying a little extra but it would be all worth it when you finally get the information that you need.

If you find the best company specializing in this kind of service, you would not only get the full name of the person, you would also get the address, the mobile phone carrier and possibly other personal information about the members of his household.

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Beyonce Dreamgirls Diet

I remember the first time I watched the movie Dreamgirls and thought, “Wow!” Beyonce looks just like one of the Supremes in their skin-tight costumes from the 1960s.

What was more amazing was that just a couple of weeks before filming began, Beyonce realized she was too curvy to fit into the movie’s costumes.

Now, I’m no fan of the Hollywood “stick-thin” look and I believe if you’re comfortable with your weight and the way you look – so long as it isn’t hurting your health – you should ignore media pressure to conform to their standards.
Beyonce made her own decision: she wanted to drop 20 pounds in two weeks. And she did it, using a diet that’s been around for almost 70 years.

It`s called the Master Cleanse, though it’s also known as the lemonade diet and the maple syrup cleanse – because it uses lemons and maple syrup.

New Yorker health guru Stanley Burroughs created it in 1941, concocting a drink made from maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemons. His aim was to help rid the body of toxins with a 10-day liquid diet. One of the unexpected side benefits was that it helped people to lose weight quickly.

Burroughs was a big fan of inner cleansing or detoxification. When you think about it he was decades ahead in his thinking when you consider the fat, salt, sugar and preservatives we consumer today. There are traces of pesticides in vegetables and fruit and few people eat enough fibre.

Burroughs wanted to help people flush out of their bodies years of accumulated poisons and toxins that slow our immune systems, cause us to gain weight and make us feel tired.

Here’s the bad news: the Burroughs’ diet is extremely hard. Many who try it don’t realize just how tough a liquid diet is and they usually quit by the third or fourth day.

The good news. You can now get all the benefits of this diet without starving yourself. Raylen Sterling, an expert on the diet, has produced a how-to guide called Master Cleanse Secrets.

“Thanks to all the chemicals and toxic garbage found in our food, air, and water our glandular system is weak and crippled. These vital glands are not functioning at 100% and that’s why so many people today are depressed, overweight, have no energy, and get sick all the time,” says Sterling.

What’s revolutionary about Sterling’s modified method is that she lists foods you can eat while following the diet — including protein.

Simply put, it’s a masterful way of tuning up your body – and losing weight fast.

Read more about Master Cleanse Secrets and other diet news at my website: [].

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Neck Massage Relieve Aches Sooner

Isn’t technology great. Do you type? Do you do research. Has your child said why, and you’ve gone straight on line to research. Have you been invited by an electronic invite, or maybe that’s how you check up on play dates with your child’s playmates? I certainly have. The computer contains our master schedule, our reminders, even if we forget what’s going on, all I do is go online and search emails. I check my medical records, renew prescriptions, even pay bills on line! With this ease comes the downside. That is, migraines, sore neck, back, arms, even fingers.

My doctor has told me that my migraines are caused by the pulling on muscles as I hunch over my computer. I first tried neck massage skeptically, but found it such a relaxing way to relieve my aches and pains. As I didn’t have a doctor recommendation, I just went to my local massage spa and had a consultation. I clicked with someone, and she became my massage therapist.

Massage is the manipulation of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue. This is done to enhance function and promote relaxation and well-being. If you are looking to modern medicine to cure your issues, maybe you are looking in the wrong place. The art of massage dates way back, back to over 3000 years. It has been documented by the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians. They all applied forms of massage for many ailments. Hippocrates even wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Neck massage is not an ancient cure, but a modern cure based on ancient methods.

My first neck massage was performed by a massage technician who had her own equipment. She had me sit facing the back of a chair, and had my neck exposed. My shoulders were alternately massaged back and forth for about a minute. After that my neck muscles were squeezed as I relaxed my muscles. I was instructed to move my shoulders up and down, then to relax. This, too was done alternately. My neck was rubbed from the base up to my skull. My first massage took about 10 minutes as it was just a neck massage. If you are having a neck massage as part of a general massage the whole experience will take longer.

Are you interested yet? Next step is how do you find a massage therapist? First you have to research what sort of qualifications you are seeking in a therapist. Your doctor may refer you to one he/she works with. There are so many types of massage, and it is done in a variety of ways with a variety of ancient remedies. Go and consult your local massage therapist. He or she will explain the benefits of a neck massage. Who knows, you may find more than one massage to suit your needs.
Neck massage is my personal favorite. Most massages, require the recipient to be on a table, chair, or a mat, and generally unclothed, but may be modestly covered with towels or sheets. If the person is uncomfortable with this, she/he may wear underwear. For a neck massage, you will remain clothed, but should wear a low neck. Are you convinced, if so, ask your doctor, or just go on over to your local spa or salon, and discuss your particular issues, and I’m sure you’ll find the appropriate therapist to suit your neck massage needs.

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The Top 5 Differences between a Bidet and a B’Day

B’Day and bidet sound an awful lot alike. Both are a good time, but there are a lot of differences between the two. Move over Beyonce.

When Beyonce Knowles released her album titled B’Day, she didn’t intend any association with the bathroom appliance. She told BBC Radio, “When I came up with the title, I wasn’t thinking about a bidet. And if I had, I would have probably named it birthday or just B.” Although the two words may sound similar, there are some pretty definite distinctions between a bidet and a b-day.

1. Bathroom associations. While twenty-one year olds may have some familiarity with a porcelain appliance, most birthdays are held in plain sight and a public setting, while bidets find their home behind closed doors.

2. Necessary nudity. Use of a bidet may require some level of disrobing, but not to the level normally associated with the term “birthday suit.” While birthdays can be spent stark naked or impeccably dressed, a bidet requires a strategically placed lack of attire.

3. Frequency. Birthdays are generally celebrated once a year, or in the case of younger children in halves or quarters, but nowhere near as often as one should be using a bidet.

4. Level of celebration. Birthdays are often announced with invitations, balloons, presents and candle-topped cakes. While a select few may take a certain level of pride in their bowel movements, most bidet users follow a more subdued approach to their celebrations.

5. Limited conversation. Admittedly, there can be some level of secrecy around both subjects, particularly when birthdays start to approach the later years, but bidets may take the cake in this category. And certainly, the element of surprise is much more appropriate for a birthday than a bidet…

All kidding aside, a birthday may be a more common term in the United States, but a bidet is becoming increasingly recognizable. You may want to start learning the features of this appliance, if only for the incredible possibility of puns.

Warren L. Smith M.D. is the owner of the American Biffy Co., Ltd. and inventor of the Biffy’s signature bidet attachment for the commode.  Because the vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli and other intestinal pathogens, Dr. Smith developed an affordable bidet system to counter the root cause for just such health/hygienic issues. Dr. Smith has a long established and respected family practice in Boulder City, NV and continues to develop product lines for the Biffy Bidet.

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Increase Your Butt Size And Shape In 60 Days Or Less

Is Your Butt Ready to fill out that NEW Bikini?

Well if not you owe it to yourself to continue reading this!!

The buttocks are the hardest part of the female body to get into shape. You can increase the size and fullness of your breasts, tighten up the muscles in your calves and biceps even flatten your tummy if you want but the booty is a whole different story. There are exercise programs that supposedly are designed to build up your butt but do they actually work to increase size and shape? That answer is NO!! Oh there is a vast army of supposed internet butt shapers who claim to have the secret. You know as you’ve seen their ads, the Juan Pierre’s and the Joey Universes of the internet. They all have the information for you to purchase in an ebook. They hire armies of people to write phony articles and reviews who only get paid when you buy their ebook bibles. Are all these people actually for real? I think not!! Heck they may even be some fat cow sitting on the sofa eating Bon Bons thinking up ways to sound legit and prey on your naiveness. None of them have a REAL product to sell you! Just some information that’s all.

Enough of the history lesson. My name is Dr. Norm and I am a clinical product researcher. I have researched and reviewed quite a vast array of products but my primary field is men and womens enhancement products. You may have read some of my articles online. What I am about to divulge to you will make all the difference in the world to your buttocks. I was asked to research and verify a new scientifically developed product that guarantees to improve your booty size but also the shape and lift your buttocks. In essence like a Brazilian Butt Lift without surgery. I am always a skeptic and this occasion was no difference. I was presented with a 3 step program to research that had never before been marketed. So I agreed.

Here are my findings

The first step was a capsule that contains Fenugreek and Maca Root as it’s main ingredients. Now these two components are known phytoestrogens and can be used for many things like hormone therapy, menstrual cramps, and weight gain. Now when increasing size of any part of the anatomy fat is an essential part so weight gain is a good thing when controlled properly. So the fat gain has to be directed to a particular part of the body otherwise you may gain weight everywhere else too! So you can’t increase butt or breast size with just a pill.

No foods can increase butt or breast size in a normal, healthy way. however, eating excessive carbohydrates in your diet will increase fat production in the body. This will make the butt and breast size larger, as well as the rest of the body, and only because of fat deposits.

This next step is where it got interesting. The second step was a cream, yea I know you’ve seen creams before, but wait. This particular cream contains an extract that I have researched before it is Volufiline. Now previous clinical studies have shown that Volufiline in a 3% volume to significantly increase the development of fatty tissue but this product goes just a bit further actually quite a bit further. The chemists have increased the volume of Volufiline to 6% and added Biobustyl which is a biopeptide for collagen repair and firming a genuine tone and firmness concentrate. Volufiline is a new cosmetic ingredient to remodel the body contours through a progressive lipofilling-like action. This treatment stimulates adipocyte differentiation, proliferation and volume in order to bring volume only where it is needed. So basically after taking the Fenugreek and Maca Root the volufiline stimulates fat growth only in areas that you want. Giving you a rounder and firmer butt.

I am no fitness “Guru” but I do know what works for the human body and what doesn’t. So for the third step they have developed a very simple and easy way to increase the strength of the glute muscles. No not some rigorous exercise regimen but rather a quick and easy 5 minute glute workout to strength the muscle so it will be able to hold the added volume. Judging from the instructions I would have to say it is very adequate and doesn’t have to be daily either.

So there you have the REAL scoop on buttocks enlargement!

Oops I almost forgot. There is only one product on the market today that is both scientifically developed and clinically proven to increase the size of your booty or increase the size and shape of your butt giving you a beautiful sexy butt!!

Celebrities Revealed Celebrity Crushes

Celebrities have become their fans’ idols, getting crushed on. However, they are not immune to other celebrities’ good looks and talent. Let’s discover the crushes of hottest Hollywood stars.


16-year-old singer Miley Cyrus shared a laugh with new Sweet! Radio Young Hollywood host Zach Sang backstage at her Newark, New Jersey concert. The singe revealed her idol. “Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl. I just saw him in The Stepfather and I’m pretty obsessed with him. I actually didn’t know who he was and I went to see the movie as a joke, because the previews looked scary but I wasn’t sure if it was scary. It was actually a good movie”, said Miley.


Miley Cyrus crushed on Penn Badgley who is best known for his role as Dan Humphrey on the CW television series Gossip Girl.


Country singing sensation Taylor Swift said her celebrity dream date was Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford who has been romantically connected with country star Carrie Underwood in the past.


Joe Jonas was flattered by Lauren Conrad crush. “It\’s funny when you find out there are other celebrities with crushes on you,” said Joe, “like when I read that Lauren Conrad from The Hills liked me.”


“I would totally say Obama,” reality TV star Khloe Kardashian said of her dream man. “Like, I would do it for our country.”


17-year old “The Wizards Of Waverly Place” star, Selena Gomez has a secret crush on singer Jason Mraz. She said that she would “love to work” with the I’m Yours hitmaker.


“I went to his concert and it was just him and [his] guitar on stage. And I was like – my jaw was open the entire time. I was in shock. He’s beautiful. I would love [to collaborate]”, said Selena


Kelly Clarkson revealed her crush on fellow Texan Matthew McCouaughey. “Matthew McConaughey, I wouldn\’t mind that…”, said Kelly “I don\’t really like anybody in the industry other than him. You know, he\’s a Texas boy and that\’s where I\’m from, and he\’s hot. Both good characteristics to have.”


Whitney Port’s two faves were Ryan Gosling and Robert Pattinson.


Pop sensation Justin Bieber declared his crush on Beyonce Knowles. The 16-year-old ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ singer admitted, “I\’ve been totally in love with her since I was seven. She kinda broke my heart when she married Jay-Z.”


Justin Bieber declared his crush on Beyonce Knowles.



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Top 10 earning stars under 30

At the age of under 30 while many other people are bare-handed, such stars as Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Miley Cirus, Taylor Swift, etc can make millions of dollars every year. They are truly the most successful kings and queens in the world’s entertainment industry. Fans admire their talents, beauty and wealth. These stars are even more admirable with their earning ability at such early ages. Working in various entertainment sections namely music, movie, sports and advertising, these stars are the most typical representatives of a young but dynamic, talented and successful generation. They are the pride of family, friends and fans. Their hard work does pay off with the huge sum of money they can earn.


1. Beyonce Knowles

Overtaking most famous stars in the entertainment industry in the race of money earning, this American actress, singer and fashion model is ranked first in the top earning stars. At the age of 27, Knowles earns over 87 million dollars per year.


2. Britney Spears

Despite all the scandals and troubles related to the private life, Pop Princess is still successful in career. She earns 67 million dollars a year and is ranked the second top earning star


3. Lady Gaga

Appearing on the music stages with awkward appearance, Lady Gaga is a truly a new phenomenon of the music industry. Many people may not like her style but they have to admire her earning with 64 million dollars a year.


4. Miley Cirus

The teen star of Hanah Montana is the pride of her family. Young and talented, this 17 year old teen singer earns 48 million dollars a year and becomes the fourth earning young star.


5. Taylor Swift

At the age of 20, the young country artist Taylor Swift has enchanted the world with beautiful voice and lyrical songs. With 45 million dollars a years, this beautiful singer is on her path to success and fame.


6. LeBron James

This American professional basket player earns 43 million dollars a year. He is now playing for the Miami Heart of the National Basketball Association with the nickname of “King James”.


7. Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a famous Swiss professional tennis player. He is always a leader in earnings. He is listed the seventh in the list of top earning stars with 43 million dollar a year


8. Eli Manning

Born in 1981, the American football quarterback earns 40 million dollars per year, which puts him in the list of to earning stars. Beside the sport career, Eli Manning also stars in many commercials.


9. Terrell Suggs

Terrell Suggs is an American football linebacker for the Baltimore Raven of the National Football League. At the age of 28, this star earns over 38 million dollars a year.


10. Cristiano Ronaldo

The handsome Portuguese soccer star earns 36 million dollars per year. He is now playing for Spanish club Real Madrid and plays as the captain of Portuguese National Football Team.



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Robert Pattinson among the most powerful celebrities

Robert Pattinson, a 24-year-old English actor, has gain worldwide fame thanks to Twilight series. With the role as Edward Cullen, Robert has earned about 17 million dollars within recent 12 months. Not only does he become a notable name in the entertainment world but the success of this role helps Robert get to No. 50 in the list of 100 most powerful celebrities in the world as well. This is the first time vampire Edward Cullen has been on the list of the most influential stars. His girlfriend, Kristen Stewart who acts as Bella Swan, has earned total revenue of up to 12 million dollars. Kristen is currently ranked at No. 66 in the list.


Robert Patttinson


Let’s check out other most powerful celebrities.


Oprah Winfrey – 315 million dollars


Beyonce Knowles – 87 million dollars


James Cameron – 210 million dollars


Lady Gaga – 62 million dollars


Tiger Woods – 105 million dollars


Britney Spears – 64 million dollars


U2 – 130 million dollars


Sandra Bullock – 56 million dollars


Johnny Depp – 75 million dollars


Madonna – 58 million dollars



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Best Celebrity Makeup for Brown Eyes

The number of female celebrities that have brown-colored eyes is numerous but only few of them know how to make up their eyes attractively. There are many ways these people use to beautify “window of the soul”. For example, Jennifer Lopez illuminates her brown eyes with warm tones like chocolate, gold, honey and caramel or Leighton Meester powders her cheek with blush to concentrate on her beautiful eyes or Jessica Alba sports bright-colored lips to honor her chocolate eyes.


Three women along with Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles, Natalie Portman, Nicole Richie, Cindy Crawford and Shenae Grimes are among the celebrities having best brown eye makeup.



Smoky makeup is really appropriate with Jennifer Lopez’s lighter brown-colored eyes



Kim Kardashian often uses cool toned eye makeup like grey and silver to help illuminate her dark brown eyes



Leighton Meester powders her cheek with blush to concentrate on very dark brown eyes


Jessica Alba sports a bright lip color to enhance chocolate brown eyes



Beyonce Knowles‘ warm brown eyes look more stunning thanks to the perfect balance of her makeup



Natalie Portman wears navy blue mascara on bottom lashes to reflect up into the color of her eyes



Nicole Richie uses grape, navy blue or emerald green liner to brighten the white of her eye and make the brown stand out



People can directly feel the attractiveness of Cindy Crawford’s eyes by making-up them carefully with different warm tones



Shenae Grimes often appears at crowds with beautiful eyes thanks to her right balance between light and dark



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Stars Go Shopping for Xmas

Christmas and New Year are coming soon. People around the world have recently rushed into supermarkets as well as shopping centres to buy items preparing for these important events. Like everyone, these days famous stars such as Blake Lively, Beyonce Knowles, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and so on have also gone Christmas shopping. They are not only stylish on the stages but they are also elegant and beautiful in their real lives. Do you want to know what clothes these well-known stars wear when they go out for Christmas shopping? Let’s have a look at the following photos to discover the answer by yourself.


Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce wearing a short skirt was shopping along with her boyfriend Jay-Z at the Marina Mirage shopping center on December 9 in Gold Coast, Australia


Lady Gaga

Appearing with painted white face, black lips and wearing a black beaded veil, Lady Gaga extremely shocked people at Chanel in Milan.


David Beckham

David Beckham also went shopping for Christmas. He left the Ralph Lauren boutique in Beverly Hills with a lot of shopping bags.


Michael Bublé

In simple but elegant outfit, Canadian singer Michael Bublé looks so busy with shopping bags


Blake Lively

The 23-year-old “Gossip Girl” star, Blake Lively, appeared with a big Chanel bag shopping for a new smart phone at Best Buy on December 8 in New York.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton looks so charming and feminine in cute country dress. She was shopping for Christmas with boyfriend at Kitson Boutique after eating lunch at the Ivy, in Los Angeles, California on December 2


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and her children went Christmas shopping in New York. The mother looks so stylish in a black wool coat and tall black boots


Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee seems to be older than her age when she wore a sage and brown snakeskin print scarf mixing with simple outfit.



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