Detoxing With the Master Cleanse Diet – How Good Are the Results?

The Master Cleanse Diet which is also known as the Lemonade Cleanse diet is an old and reputed detox diet which was used by many people to cleanse their body thoroughly. And because of the good benefits it is bestowing its users with the diet is still being widely used by many people including famous celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Robin Quiver. Though it has gained a lot of popularity it is not a completely foolproof diet. The stringency is so high that people find it difficult to go beyond the third and fourth days.

So, one should have it clear in the mind right at the beginning that like all the detox diets, this too is not all that easy to follow. Ideally, you start off with detoxing for a short span of three days initially and then the next time you do you could do it for ten days and depending on the severity of the case, you might also undergo the detox for a forty day period. This detoxing through the master cleanse diet will help flush out all the accumulated toxins and will free the body from the burden.

When these toxins are flushed out of the body, the weight also witnesses a dip and that is one of the reasons why people follow this weight basically to lose weight even though the main purpose of the diet is purely detoxing. If one extends the good dietary habits they have followed during the diet, even after finishing the detox time, there are chances that they will not put on the lost weight. But in case they go back to their regular eating style and consume processed and refined foods chances are very high that they will regain the lost weight in no matter of time.

It is therefore advisable to include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in one’s diet which is fraught with the necessary nutrients and the fiber content so that the body will remain agile and also put a check to the toxin content in the body. Apart from this, one should consume a lot of water so that the toxins if any are flushed out of the body in the form of urine and sweat.

Master Cleanse is the best Detox Diet and can help you Lose 20 Pounds in merely 10 days!

Tips to Successfully Finish the Master Cleanse Diet

The Lemonade Diet which is synonymous with the Master Cleanse diet has gained a lot of popularity as many people are subscribing to the diet including celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Robin Quiver. Both of them have shed whopping amounts of weight and they have gone public and claimed that it is this diet that has given them great results in weight loss. This diet was designed by Dr. Stanley Burroughs with the main idea to give the body a thorough purging from the various toxic substances that have got accumulated in the body over long periods of time. The diet has however, become popular as a means to lose weight. Apart from this interesting outcome which is desired by many, the diet is also efficient in curing ulcers and detoxifying the body completely.

• One has to survive on the lemonade drink for the entire span of ten days. As the liquid diet has no fibers in it, it is recommended to drink herbal tea which acts as a laxative during the night so that one does not encounter any problems with passing off the stools.

• Do not prepare the lemonade drink ahead of time and store it. Take care that the enzymes are preserved safely and the purpose of the diet is not lost in the process.

• Take the opinion of your doctor whether you could use any vitamin supplements during the diet or no.

• Once you are benefited with some good things after the diet, take care that you do not lose them with a bad dietary lifestyle. Plan your meals so that you get all the necessary nutrients and consume fiber rich material so that the weight lost during the diet will not accumulate once you have gone off the diet.

• Instead of going on the lemonade diet just once in a year or so, it is advisable to subject your body to a good cleanse frequently though not for very long durations. Short cleansing periods also help in restoring the health of the body. The colon gets a respite from the overburden that it is usually subjected to.

Master Cleanse is the best Detox Diet and can help you Lose 20 Pounds in merely 10 days!
Look younger, ease chronic pain, cleanse your body of internal waste, and boost your energy levels in 10 days! Find out how Beyonce Knowles found out with the Master Cleanse diet!

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The Lemonade Master Cleanse Diet Secrets – A Sure Way to Better Health

The market is flooded with a variety of detox diets for those people who are keen on going in for a thorough body cleanse. But it is a challenging task to pick out the right one for them. Many people have admitted that the Master Cleanse is effective in giving them renewed energy by eliminating all the harmful substances out of the body and reduce around 20 pounds of weight in just a matter of ten days. So, this diet has gained more momentum when Beyonce Knowles, the famous singer, has admitted that this is the reason for her svelte figure in the film ‘Dreamgirls’.

The Lemonade diet comprises of drinking around six to twelve glasses of the drink made out of fresh organic lime juice, organic maple syrup (grade B), a pinch of cayenne pepper all mixed in purified water. It also consists of drinking herbal tea which acts as a laxative and also the salt water flush which poses a great challenge to almost all who are on the diet. There have been people who could not carry out their diet successfully till the last day. The first day goes off very easily but the third and the fourth days are the difficult ones. Raylen Sterling wrote a book by name Master Cleanse Secrets which will extend solutions to many problems that people might encounter while on the diet and this will aid them to complete the diet program easily and successfully.

The book on Master Cleanse Secrets gives you a great insight into how you can carry out the entire diet program. It also has a list of all those foods which you can consume during the stringent diet period which will not hamper the cleansing process.

The book will also elucidate on how to come over the difficult third day hump. And it will also highlight on various ways in which one can counter the side effects if they experience during the diet. The book enlists the various things one needs to keep in mind while on the diet so that they can effectively reduce their weight.

Master Cleanse is the best Detox Diet and can help you Lose 20 Pounds in merely 10 days!

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The Master Cleanse Diet – Why is it Still So Popular?

Also known as the lemonade diet or the maple syrup diet, the master cleanse diet has become the most sought after diet after Beyonce Knowles has undergone the diet to get into the desired shape for her role in the film ‘Dreamgirls’. Even though this diet was present since the past few decades, it has gained more popularity as celebrities are also using it and benefiting from the diet.

This diet however is not a weight loss diet but a detox diet which is like being on a fast. Stanley Burroughs explained the diet in great detail in his book ‘The Master Cleanser’. There is a lot of demand for this book as everyone who wants to follow the diet want to learn more about the details of the diet. He designed the diet basically to cleanse the body of all the toxic substances and not as a weight loss treatment. But as the toxins are removed from the body, the weight is reduced and also with the help of the diet one is able to alleviate various other chronic symptoms which have been bothering them.

As the main organ that is targeted in this diet is the colon, it helps in avoiding any kind of digestive disorders and diseases. There are two ways in which one can follow the diet. They can either follow the diet for a span of three to five days or go on the diet for a period of ten days. But for people with a lot of toxic reserve, it is advisable that they go on for a forty day program. Generally, people say that the forty day period is not a safe one to follow and people can repeat the ten day program quite repeatedly to gain the benefits of the diet.

Before going on the diet, one has to cut short on the intake of the toxic load by staying away from alcohol, sugars, sodas, processed foods and caffeine. If one can get a bit of physical exercise too it will give better results. But caution has to be taken that the exercise is only light and not a heavy one during the dieting period. As one is on a fast, and they eat consciously, they experience great results and that is the main reason why the master cleanse is having a long run in popularity.

Master Cleanse is the best Detox Diet and can help you Lose 20 Pounds in merely 10 days!

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What Master Cleanse Can Do For You – Find the Alleged Weight Loss Results of This Program

Also known as the Lemon Cleanse or more popularly known as the Lemonade Diet, the Master Cleanse has Beyonce Knowles to thank when she used it to slim down for her Dreamgirls role. It is basically a detoxification fasting regimen as the dieter is only allowed to ingest the lemonade and nothing else, for fourteen whole days.

The Lemonade

The basic recipe for the lemonade cleanse is to mix together the following: eight cups of purified drinking water, three-quarters of a cup each of maple syrup and fresh lemon juice, and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

How It Works

Basically, the lemonade mixture–lemons and cayenne pepper combined–irritates the digestive tract. When that happens, you had better be camped out or inside a restroom/bathroom. The maple syrup provides just enough of the calories to keep you going. Drinking laxatives also aid in the weight loss process.

The Cons

Yes, it is effective when it comes to helping you shed the excess pounds off. But it is not the healthiest way to do it. As mentioned, the maple syrup will only be your source of sustenance for two whole weeks, if you can call that sustenance. This diet belongs to what are called crash diets which doctors advise against for being unhealthy. They also have the added disappointment of making you gain the weight back when you start eating normally again. Not to mention that the lemonade itself tastes awful.

It Still Remains Popular

Beyonce Knowles will not take all the credit for that. In fact she does not entirely recommend it, suggesting that those who wish to lose weight should find healthier alternatives. The bulk of the popularity of the Master Cleanse is attributable to the hype over colon cleansing.

Yes, Master Cleanse is indeed effective in helping you lose weight, but it is not a healthy way of doing it.

Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?

I’m Confused! What Exactly is the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)?

The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade diet, is a 10 day liquid detox. It is known for its effectiveness and quick results. The Master Cleanse became extremely popular when people found out that Beyonce Knowles tried it and lost a significant amount of weight for her role in Dream Girls.

What does the Master Cleanse consist of? The Master Cleanse is a beverage made up of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water. That’s it! This combination of ingredients may sound gross, but it is actually pretty tasty. It basically tastes like lemonade with a bit of heat. All the ingredients must be pure. This means that you use juice from real lemons, pure maple syrup and spring water. All of the ingredients must be measured out exactly for maximum benefits. While on the Lemonade Diet, you also drink a laxative tea day and night and drink plenty of water.

How often do I drink the lemonade? You are required to drink at least 6 cups of lemonade a day, plus several bottles of spring water. It is up to you how much you decide to drink at one time. For instance, some people will drink the majority of the lemonade at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meals, they may take a few sips to ward off hunger. Others prefer to just sip on the lemonade throughout the day whenever they feel hungry, instead of waiting for specific meal times.

Can I eat on the Lemonade Diet and will I be hungry? The Master Cleanse is a liquid detox, which means that eating is not allowed! Despite this fact, most people are not hungry while on the lemonade diet. Unlike a water detox, the Master Cleanse consists of ingredients that flush your body while keeping you satisfied at the same time. If you do experience hunger, it is suggested that you drink more lemonade. You can drink as much lemonade and as much water as you want.

What can I expect while on the Master Cleanse? You can expect that the toilet will be your very best friend. You will find yourself having to use the bathroom very frequently throughout the day. It is not uncommon to go less than every hour in the beginning. Some people experience headaches or nausea, which can be a sign that toxins are effectively being expelled from the body.

Will the lemonade diet leave me feeling weak or tired? Unlike most diets and detoxes, the Master Cleanse does not leave you feeling weak or tired. In fact, some people report feeling a greater level of energy on the detox because of fewer toxins in the body. Many people continue on with their daily lives and even continue to go to the gym without having any symptoms of nausea. However, you should play it safe by not overexerting yourself.

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Beyonce and the Master Cleanse Diet – The Secrets of Her Success

A clear example of a perfect use and success of the Master Cleanse diet is none other than the singer Beyonce. An absolute fact of an achievement that led to a perfect 14.5 pounds of weight loss and was an effective result of using the Master Cleanse diet.There has been misleadings about the Master Cleanse diet like, it usually is an easy entry to a hospital, people become more lethargic, the basic intake of the body nutrients is not met, etc..etc..which is simply not at all true, as a matter of fact, the Master Cleanse can be done almost every 2-3 months without getting hospitalised.

There are instances and evidence of the people who have been following the master cleanse religiously every 2-3 months and the feeling that they feel is said to be ecstatic, Beyonce being one of them. Besides, vegetables , and citrus fruits that are recommended in the master cleanse diet, are a rich source on vitamin-c and other nutrients required by the body. Not only does the master cleanse help you lose weight, but it also assists you in detoxifying your body and helps you regain vitality.

Beyonce who is well known for her curvaceous figure has revealed her secret of weight loss by drinking water garnished with Cayenne Pepper, which is also known as the lemonade diet; in other words another success story of the Master Cleanse Diet. Beyonce’s diet is not actually an actual form of diet, it’s just a rename of the Master Cleanse, after the fan Beyonce. The so called famous Beyonce diet actually consists of detoxifying ingredients like lemons, herbal salt, mixed with maple Syrup, and cayenne pepper which then turns into a weight loss drink. In fact, the complete gist of the Beyonce diet would be as follows:

Two tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, preferably fresh-squeezed from organic citrus (about half a lemon or lime) two tablespoons genuine Grade B maple syrup (not maple flavoured syrup)

A pinch of cayenne pepper or to taste
eight ounces of water (many people recommend purified or filtered water) cold or at room temperature.

Mix all of the ingredients and drink, and voilla! there’s your Beyonce diet ready to sip.

The overall sum up is that Beyonce’s diet is the actual and effective use of the master cleanse diet, or lemonade Diet, or maple syrup diet. This has a miraculous result in detoxifying the body, and thus getting rid of the stimulants in the body which accumulate and acts like a tanker of oil, in other words is pure fats, and cholesterol, well now these substances need no introduction about their hazardous effects on the body. Beyonce Knowles is not a new diet guru, but instead, simply used what many health food aficionados have known for decades: a liquid diet incorporating lemons and a sugary substance will detoxify your colon and will help you to shed weight in the process. While teens everywhere might be tempted to follow the Beyonce crash diet, it is crucial to realize that this procedure is not supposed to be done unadvisedly. The Beyonce diet is nothing more and nothing less than a colon cleanse which required Beyonce to drink fresh lemon juice mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper as a weight loss drink. The goal is to eschew any solid food for 10 days while the lemony mixture cleans out the digestive tract.

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