Successful and controversial female singers

Ke$ ha, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, and Lily Allen have gained fame for their vocal ability and sexy appearance. They are very confident on the stage and are not hesitate to show off their curvy bodies in front of the audience and cameras. Their success in recording career also goes along with their scandals and criticism from the audience.


It is said that Jennifer Lopez is the richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood. She parlayed her media fame into a fashion line and various perfumes. The singer has caught media attention for her personal life. She has had high-profile relationships with Ben Affleck, Cris Judd, and Marc Anthony.


Ke$ ha is most notable for her debut single “Tik Tok” whose success represented “the complete and painless assimilation of the white female rapper into pop music”. She regards the need for her live shows to be “rowdy and really fun, and hopefully dance-inducing.


Her debut single, “Tik Tok” released in late 2009 set the weekly records for digital downloads of a female artist.



Britney Spears is ranked as the eight best selling female recording artist in the US. Her vocal ability has also been criticized, often drawing unfavorable comparison to her pop rival, Christina Aguilera.


At the age of 17, Avril Lavigne broke onto the music career with her debt album Let Go. When she first gained publicity, she was known for her tomboyish style in particular her necktie and tank-top combinations.


Lavigne eventually took on a more gothic style as she began her second album, Under My Skin



Lily Allen, the daughter of actor and musician Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, released her second major album, which saw a genre shift for her. She was credited with starting a process that led to the media-proclaimed “year of the women” in 2009 that has seen five female artists making music of “experimentalism and fearlessness” long nominated for the Mercury Prize.


The album It’s Not Me, It’s You, was appreciated by the critics, noting the singer’s musical evolution and maturity.


Katy Perry became known for wearing unconventional style of dress, often combining colors and vintage fashion. She caught great attention when she arrived at the Met Gala in a pulsating LED gown by CuteCircuit.


Katy Perry became known for wearing unconventional style of dress.


Beyonce Knowles rose to fame in the late 1990s as the lead singer of the R&B girl group Destiny’s Child. She has attained five Hot 100 number one singles as a solo performer. RIAA listed her as the top certified artist of the decade in 2010. The media-exposed black celebrity has often received criticism possibly because of racism and sexism.


Christina Aguilera came to prominence following her debut album Christina Aguilera. The singer has been notable for “Genie in a Bottle” and her sexy performances. The audience is shocked by her creativeness and personality.

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