The Lemonade Master Cleanse Diet Secrets – A Sure Way to Better Health

The market is flooded with a variety of detox diets for those people who are keen on going in for a thorough body cleanse. But it is a challenging task to pick out the right one for them. Many people have admitted that the Master Cleanse is effective in giving them renewed energy by eliminating all the harmful substances out of the body and reduce around 20 pounds of weight in just a matter of ten days. So, this diet has gained more momentum when Beyonce Knowles, the famous singer, has admitted that this is the reason for her svelte figure in the film ‘Dreamgirls’.

The Lemonade diet comprises of drinking around six to twelve glasses of the drink made out of fresh organic lime juice, organic maple syrup (grade B), a pinch of cayenne pepper all mixed in purified water. It also consists of drinking herbal tea which acts as a laxative and also the salt water flush which poses a great challenge to almost all who are on the diet. There have been people who could not carry out their diet successfully till the last day. The first day goes off very easily but the third and the fourth days are the difficult ones. Raylen Sterling wrote a book by name Master Cleanse Secrets which will extend solutions to many problems that people might encounter while on the diet and this will aid them to complete the diet program easily and successfully.

The book on Master Cleanse Secrets gives you a great insight into how you can carry out the entire diet program. It also has a list of all those foods which you can consume during the stringent diet period which will not hamper the cleansing process.

The book will also elucidate on how to come over the difficult third day hump. And it will also highlight on various ways in which one can counter the side effects if they experience during the diet. The book enlists the various things one needs to keep in mind while on the diet so that they can effectively reduce their weight.

Master Cleanse is the best Detox Diet and can help you Lose 20 Pounds in merely 10 days!

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I’m Confused! What Exactly is the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)?

The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade diet, is a 10 day liquid detox. It is known for its effectiveness and quick results. The Master Cleanse became extremely popular when people found out that Beyonce Knowles tried it and lost a significant amount of weight for her role in Dream Girls.

What does the Master Cleanse consist of? The Master Cleanse is a beverage made up of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water. That’s it! This combination of ingredients may sound gross, but it is actually pretty tasty. It basically tastes like lemonade with a bit of heat. All the ingredients must be pure. This means that you use juice from real lemons, pure maple syrup and spring water. All of the ingredients must be measured out exactly for maximum benefits. While on the Lemonade Diet, you also drink a laxative tea day and night and drink plenty of water.

How often do I drink the lemonade? You are required to drink at least 6 cups of lemonade a day, plus several bottles of spring water. It is up to you how much you decide to drink at one time. For instance, some people will drink the majority of the lemonade at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meals, they may take a few sips to ward off hunger. Others prefer to just sip on the lemonade throughout the day whenever they feel hungry, instead of waiting for specific meal times.

Can I eat on the Lemonade Diet and will I be hungry? The Master Cleanse is a liquid detox, which means that eating is not allowed! Despite this fact, most people are not hungry while on the lemonade diet. Unlike a water detox, the Master Cleanse consists of ingredients that flush your body while keeping you satisfied at the same time. If you do experience hunger, it is suggested that you drink more lemonade. You can drink as much lemonade and as much water as you want.

What can I expect while on the Master Cleanse? You can expect that the toilet will be your very best friend. You will find yourself having to use the bathroom very frequently throughout the day. It is not uncommon to go less than every hour in the beginning. Some people experience headaches or nausea, which can be a sign that toxins are effectively being expelled from the body.

Will the lemonade diet leave me feeling weak or tired? Unlike most diets and detoxes, the Master Cleanse does not leave you feeling weak or tired. In fact, some people report feeling a greater level of energy on the detox because of fewer toxins in the body. Many people continue on with their daily lives and even continue to go to the gym without having any symptoms of nausea. However, you should play it safe by not overexerting yourself.

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How Did Beyonce Lose Weight on the Lemonade Diet?

I remember watching the Oprah Winfrey show where Beyonce Knowles announced that she had lost 20lbs of weight on the Master Cleanse (aka Lemonade Diet) to prepare for her upcoming role in a new movie at the time, Dreamgirls.

So just what is the Lemonade Diet, and how did it allow Beyonce to lose so much weight so quickly?

The Lemonade Diet is more like a cleanse/fast that helps the body get rid of impurities and waste products so that it can work more efficiently. You lose weight by removing toxins that have built up on your digestive system, clogging up your body’s ability to digest foods properly.

By removing all these impurities, toxins, and waste products you stimulate your body’s natural healing and restorative abilities. The body knows how to heal itself if you just let it. And letting it in this case, is removing the years of built up waste, diseased cells, and thickened mucus coating along your intestinal tract. Once this is removed, your body goes back to its normal state: One of normal health and vitality.

The Lemonade Diet works by giving your digestive system a break so that it can process what is currently there without the toxins interfering. This also gives the body time to renew and self heal, which ultimately allows it work that much more efficiently. An efficient digestive system, in turn, means your metabolism will be increased, your cells and organs will be working optimally, will leads to less sickness and disease.

Here’s an analogy. I once got a virus or some spyware on my computer. Then over time, my computer took a long time to load programs, to the point where it would simply stall and I couldn’t do much with it. It was slow, sluggish, and didn’t work right (like a person filled with toxin on the verge of sickness and disease). Then I got my computer re-formatted and now it is as quick and efficient as the first day I bought it. This is similar to how the Lemonade Diet works. It’s like getting your body re-formatted so that all the systems work the way they are designed without all the “spyware” slowing the system down.

So with the Lemonade Diet you can expect the system to normalize and may experience the following as a result: weight loss, glowing skin, higher energy level, mental clarity, and regular bowel movements. So go try the Lemonade Diet and see if you can’t get the results Beyonce did.

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Beyonce Lemonade Diet – A Favorite Weight Loss Remedy For Celebrities

The Beyonce lemonade diet has become very popular especially after the name of the celebrity whose name it takes. It is originally known as the Master Cleanse diet and is as old as the 1940s.

The book came out in 1946. This method of dietary plan was formulated by Stanley Burroughs.

It is unbelievable that such a fast method of losing weight could have not been popular before Beyonce talked about it on Oprah.

But it is true that a lot of folks in the health circuit were aware of this for a very long time.

While the medical field seems to have been divided on the real good effects of the Beyonce Lemonade diet, celebrities all around the world continue to use it as a means of getting an attractive body.

Beyonce followed this diet during the shooting of the 2006 movie Dreamgirls.

She claimed that she had lost an enormous amount of weight (around 22lb) by following this lemonade diet for 14 days.

She was the one who popularized this diet even though it had already existed since decades. However Beyonce was not the only one who lost weight on account of this diet.

Trina, the rapper followed this diet for 13 days. Robin Quivers, the co-host of Howard Stern also said that she had lost around 73 lbs by following this lemonade cleanse diet.

However if you think that female celebrities are the only ones to follow the Beyonce Lemonade diet, you are wrong.

Jared Leto said that he lost the extra weight which he had gained for playing ‘Mark David Chapman’ with the help of the Beyonce Lemonade Diet.

However though the diet is named after Beyonce, she said in an interview saying that “I wouldn’t recommend it if someone wasn’t doing a movie … there are other ways to lose weight.”

Thus the Beyonce Lemonade diet though is a favorite of the stars, yet should be followed with some precautions.

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